Car shuddering while accelerating? 2006 Subaru Outback


Shudders/vibrates while accelerating, happens around 40km/h and 80km/h.

My dad has a 2006 Subaru Outback that has had this issue ever since we took it to a mechanic to have the transmission fluid replaced around a year ago. We've taken it back to tons of places since, but they haven't been able to fix anything except things we didn't need fixed, so we decided to look into what the issue could be ourselves.

I originally thought it might be the torque converter, especially because our transmission fluid needs replacing much more than it should and I thought the converter could be disintegrating into the fluid, but the vibrations go through the whole car, not just the steering column, and it doesn't go away when you lightly tap the brakes. My dad reckons it could be the CV joint/axle.

Have you seen this before, and if so, any idea what it might be?

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Agreed with Scotty.. I actually had Toyota tundra with tranny issue, that would shudder on highway randoms. Turn out there was bad batch of transmission. Once I had it replaced, I missed my "massage" machine.


Hi Scotty I have a 2014 Hyundai Elantra. My car shakes and then won’t start. The gage moves while in idle



those have horrid transmissions, and if it really occurred after the fluid was changed, believe it or not, that's enough to make the tranny act up. They are very touch transmissions, I would NEVER buy one. Go to any pro transmission shop, let the hook up their diagnostic scanner and do a road test, and odds are they will agree with me

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