Car not starting 1992 Toyota corolla

1992 Toyota Corolla car doesn't start with a new battery

Hi Scotty,

I am having a 1992 Toyota Corolla. It is having some issues with the connection to the battery. As you can see in the image if i just short the positive terminal with the other thing then only the car is having connection to the battery. If I remove this booster cable then the car is like it doesn't have any battery and hence doesn't start. I first thought that it would be a battery issue which i replaced but not luck. My old battery's positive terminal was turned black in color. Also, while driving down the road it stopped 3 time within a mile i.e. with the old battery.

Please also see the Youtube video while i try to turn the ignition there is always a spark from the same place. In the video the car started. But most of the times it fails to do so. So, to continue trying I have to short the connection again as seen in the image.

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