Car lost power while driving in reverse


Car lost power while driving in reverse a few feet

My family has 2015 Honda Accord, yesterday when I started the car and put it in reverse then turn the seat heat warmer on and drove back only a few feet and the car died and the battery light came on, I put the car into park started the car and the car has no issues so far, but Ive noticed that the two fans on the radiator come on for 5 seconds then shut off and it repeats every five seconds when I have the fan on, is that Normal? I'm afraid to drive the car since who knows the car my die while driving on a free way.

I had the battery and alternator tested it passed the test, originally purchased this car after a car accident, the previous owner looked like he hit the curb and the rod was damaged, I had it replaced by a shop, any ideas or suggestions what I should check and look for?

And also what are some of the good less expensive car scanners that I can buy that will diagnose most of the car issues and also that will fix issues and reset airbags, looking to buy one that's upgradeable that will work on even on future year models cars, something that will last a long time, and can be upgraded to work on 2019 year model car and newer once the new year model car come out, just in case if I decide to buy a new car a few years from now.

Any suggestions and ideas I would really appreciate. Thanks.

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Thanks Scotty, I looked up on ebay, there are different kinds of actron scanners, is there a specific model that you can recommend the one that's upgradable? And will it work on all makes and models?



an actron scan tool for 200 something bucks is a decent one . But fans should not work like that, I would assume you have a wiring or computer module problem causing that.

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