Car Dies every once and awhile when stopping


97 towncar dying every once and awhile when stopping.

I've been watching your videos for awhile now and i've had an issue with my 97 lincoln town car dying when coming to a stop. Just started this year. It only does it every once and awhile. There's no check engine light on. It just dies. Sometimes it will surge up and down trying not to die when coming to a stop. I've been in and out from under that hood all summer testing and checking part to find nothing not working. The car only has 98k miles on it. Starts right back up like nothing happened every time. Seems to happen more when turning into a stop.

List below of what i checked and replaced. I've dang near married the car.

No check engine light. Did have a bad o2 sensor this year.

Replaced o2 sensors. All 4

Getting gas with proper fuel pressure and holding well after switch is off. New fuel pump.

Checked spark plugs, all burning fine.Checked the gaping.

Intake was replace right after I bought the car, 6 years ago now.(Crack on the cross over leaking water)

Plug wires fine.

Air filter clean.

Just changed the oil.

new gas filter

new cats and muffler.

pcv valve working.

Checked all vacuum lines.

Tested the voltage on the idle control.

Idles around 750-800, in gear around 650 to 700. Idles smooth.

New IAC.

Battery and alternator are working fine.

Cleaned the throttle body.

Checked the egr valve and the metal pipe that goes to it.

Doesn't smoke or burn oil

Getting decent gas mileage for a v8.

Brake booster is working great.

Doesnt run hot and is full of anti freeze.

Have tried different types of gas and gas stations.

It happens with the air working and without the air on.

Does make a sound I cant really explain on the driver side of the engine exhaust at the back at low rpm. Not leaking though. Only does it at starting for about 2 seconds then constant once its warmed up. Kind of a popping sound or bubbling.

It runs great though. It died at the last light in town and it pissed me off so when the light turned green I stomped it and held it around 95-110 for about 2 miles. Just wasted gas and tire rubber though >.>

I love the way it rides, steers, and stops. Even had the transmission rebuilt this year because it was slipping. Some how it had a crack in the housing and it wore it out early and 1 rebuild before the transmission guy found what caused it to happen.

Things like this are why Mechanics cuss!

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Thanks Scotty. Think i'll start saving to buy my own OBD2 scan tool. I'm always working on cars anyway. I do know a guy though. think i'll pay him a visit today.



realize it is OBD 2, just barely. SO, a guy like me with a good high level scan tool can drive it till it conks out, then record that data event on the tool (they memorize the last 45 seconds of data if you push the button when it conks out) and then analyze that data. It's the ONLY way, so find a guy like me willing to do just that