car dash started to flicker

car dash started to flicker but not headlamps

Hi Scotty and friends,

My car dash started to flicker days ago. The flicker is as often as about twice a minute and the Radio screen and headlamps are not affected. Only the dash area flickers.

I actually noticed the flicker almost immediately after I got my alternator "cleaned" at a workshop. They replaced two internal bearings with new ones and did other cleaning. It was a preventive service before a long trip.

When I saw the flickers, naturally I assumed that something went wrong during the "cleaning". But the owner of the workshop used a graphing tool and showed me that the alternator's oscillation had very little noise. I saw that too. He also said that headlamps should flicker in order to confirm the alternator is not working correctly. So he guesses that the dash LED itself is not working properly, which is not a very dangerous situation.

What do you think? Do you agree with his conclusion?

I'm trying to avoid any major electrical system failure because I'm having a long trip. Thanks.