2004 Saturn Vue 2.2 l FWD manual approx 227,000 m. No idiot lights sound or vibration no warnings. Half tank of gas normal engine temperature. Been driving, pulled into a gas station to check my cell phone. I did turn on the air conditioner. I get my phone in my hand look at it and the car just stops quits shuts off. When I try to start it again it tries to start but it doesn't turnover. I check ed the battery the fuses a checked the fuel injectors I pulled off the cap and pushed it and the gas is coming out of it I did not try your trick about spraying fuel injector cleaner into the air cleaner. I do know there is a problem with our ignition switch that has been recalled I don't believe that that could be the problem but I'm not positive. she just shut off n she won't start again.
I'm in a situation where I'm having to sleep in the car with my ESA I can not leave her the car alone. I'm not in my hometown I'm trying to get home which is a few states away. So whatever you could do to assist me in the situation would be most appreciated.