Can someone help? 1980 C10. Original diesel but has been swapped with an Oldsmobile cutlass 307. …


Can someone help? 1980 C10. Original diesel but has been swapped with an Oldsmobile cutlass 307.

Getting no reading on battery voltage (sits below 8), fuel level stays the same 1/4 of a tank, on each gas tank. Speedometer and temp work and the dashlights work.

After I brought it home and shut it off, I went to crank it again (I had had work done to it to replace the distributor, the old one someone had JB welded into place so we couldn’t set the timing. It was too advanced so it caused hard starting, they also welded my intake manifold as I had a crack in it) and I just got a clicking noise, no heat or lights coming on. followed by nothing on the next attempt at starting. I got out, checked under the hood that the battery was connected. Slammed the hood. Got back in and I had power.

I replaced my battery cable clamps and cleaned the cables, the terminals, and the block ground. (The connector clamps were pretty bad and needed the replacement anyway) I’m cranking and turning over and running fine. Everything seems to work. Except what I stated above. All of the gauges were working (Except the clock) before I took it there.

A family member had his college class do the work for me so I know it was nothing intentionally done. My theory is they unhooked something while removing the intake or the distributor and forgot to hook it back. I’m just running out of things to check, is there another ground point or anything anyone suggests? Anything is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Start w/ basics. Check for blown fuses, fusible links, relays. Retrace connections again. Look for all Ground wires properly connected. Look for anything not connected that looks like it should be. While you're in there, look for any burned insulation on wiring harnesses. Something happened while it was in the shop, it seems. If nothing shows up, I'd talk to students who worked on it, something might come to mind. Start by re-checking your fuses.