caddy deville 2004 103k miles..
trouble starting at times for 3 months ..leave it sit for few hours it starts...runs rough..
been needing 02 sensors for months..thinking maybe it wasnt getting fuel i decided to put a new fuel pump in..and a new battery...start but will not run..i have scan codes..

im thinking its more in crankshaft sensors to a possible jumped time or timing guide...or bad computer...this is due to the codes pulled...but because it ran again and again i am leary of the jump time factor and conclusive to low mileage of 103k..

garbage engnes in those. That is not low mileage for one of those before they fall apart the way they make em these days. Have a pro test the engine first for internal damage, and if so, junk it, not worth it to fix those complex monsters

the old cads were only good to 100k before they jumped time...but the newer after 86 models would go alot more miles by far...but god they are hard to work on and yes complex computerization...ive never really had alot of problems with northstars as long as maintained to the t...i do preferr the old cads by far

i tried to get fort walton cadillac dealer to do that 130.00 evaluation..but the bozo preferred to send me to some other repair shop...cause he said they couldnt scan it without it running..

scotty why do you not like northstar? the ones before 2004 were crappy with oil leaks..overheating..blowing radiators..fuel pumps..the 2004 has been better