Hi Scotty and the community.

I have decided, and will most likely be buying a used Dodge Caliber.
It's a 2007 CRD 2.0 manual transmission with 85 000 miles on the clock. Asking price is $1 000. Private seller. It will eventually be my daily driver.

What do you advise me to look for when buying one of these vehicles?
I will bring a jack and jack stands.

Thank you.

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Ur better off with a high mileage toyota/honda with proof its been serviced when needed

Taha Khattabi
Taha Khattabi

Do not buy that rolling pile of junk. Those Calibers have terrible engines and transmissions and their resale value is horrendous for a reason. The price may seem appealing given the mileage of the vehicle but do not buy that Dodge if you value your money. You're much better off spending a little more money on a Toyota or Honda where the quality is much higher and you won't spend thousands on repairs. Scotty would most likely say the same