Bulb Shielf/Cover in my headlamps

Aftermarket LEDs are pushing onto my bulb shielf

Hi Scotty, I'm driving an 09' Suzuki Swift ZC21. All stock. Including the headlights. Recently, I came to notice my headlights were a little bit dim. It's not the bulb problem or anything, I just sort of want brighter headlights. So I bought two aftermarket H4 LEDs. But when I tried to install it, the tip of the LED is pushing against the bulb shield that is in my stock headlights. I've compared side by side both my halogens and LEDs. The halogen have this cone shaped tip that allows it to be sited nicely in place within the bulb shield. But my aftermarket LEDs, have the same exact length. But the top is flatten and doesn't have that cone shaped tip and that's why it is pushing against my bulb shield.

How do I go from here?

Should I:

  1. Try to remove the bulb shield?
  1. Insert my LEDs and bulb shield being pushed a little is alright?
  1. Buy shorter LEDs?
  1. Just stick with my old halogens?

Help! Please and thank you Scotty

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buy shorter ones or go back to halogens. Realize ultimately halogens are brighter than leds