Dear Scotty.
big fan of your channel and thank you for what you do! I bought a 2008 Lincoln Mark LT. I Bought from the original owner. It has 185,785 miles and the engine is completely trashed. I put a borescope camera in the each cylinder and have a lot of metal shavings, some intake, exhaust valves are bent and gone. A used engine from the junk yard and a remanufactured from ford were about the same price. Which I know I am going to spend a decent money on it. It's in good shape, no rush, It's been in Arizona its whole life. Was serviced by ford it's whole life. The remanufactured from Ford had a better warranty and price. I know these truck with the 5.4L have that two piece spark plug and have a lot of engine problems. When I went to automotive school they did talk about break-in oil for older cars that were rebuilt or remanufactured. My question is would I need to put in break-in oil for the remanufactured engine from Ford or just regular oil would do just fine when priming it for the first time and using break-in for the first 1,000 miles? Thank you Scotty.