Good day Scotty! I'm planning to buy my first new car from driving an old 2002 Honda Civic SiR (EP3), I find it hard to buy parts for repairs and at this point, getting it fixed would cost me almost $3000. My question is, is it worth buying 2020 vehicle? Or should I stay away from financing?

So far I like the looks of Mazda CX-30 and I heard that they perform really well.

I also live in Alberta which is most of the time very snowy.

Thank you!!

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just get a 2016 crv theyre much cheaper than than newer ones because thats the last ones before the new generation. I wouldnt buy a new rav4 with an 8 speed because alot of people complain they ride pretty bad. 2018 rav4 and earlier are good too. Try to get it 5-6 years old so you'll save a ton on the depreciation