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I recently bought a 2007 mazda 3 and had AutoZone Read the ODB. It said O2 sensor #1 was bad or something like that.
My mechanic said it is not critical to the car. He added that the car has 3 other 02 sensors and only the first 02 sensor was being problematic. then he said I should just buy Seafoam, pour it in a full tank and drive around for a while and see if it gets better. This guy was trying to not make my pockets dent because I had just bought an arm because my ball joint was bad and the replaement unit wasnt separate but the whole arm. His mate however didnt seem to agree and said the car would run lean or rich and it would not be helpful if I delay getting a new 02 sensor installed for $220.

Im a college kid and tryna save a lil money for just a lil bit till I find a job. Can I delay this purhcase and not have dire consequences in the future? Is the first mechanic right about it not being too critical? Will seafoam work or am I wasting my time if i try it?

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Merci monsieur.
this video addresses catalytic converter But my issue is with 02 sensor bank 1... do they treat the same issue?
I ask because I barely know anything about car systems



go ahead and delay, and actually this cleaner works better