bmw e90 320d steptronic

bmw e90 320d RPM fluctuate 1300-1800rpm

I do have e90 320d lci 177hp steptronic, and ive noticed that my rpm fluctuate while giving a bit of pressure to gas pedal (accelerating veeery slowly - just when you fell you make your car work instead of coasting. It's about 200rpm up and down, not spiky/junky, just slowly fluctuates. It does not jerk nor fluctuate during idle, only when driving between 25mph-50mph. Didn't lose any power, fast as always.

Is there anything to check before transmission? If it is torque converter should I go for new or rebuild one?

No. 1-2

Car is in really good condition (engine works well, parts are good - no leaks, nothing is loose/worn, and car drives like a dream). Just tranny giving some signs probably, its about 1 grand for new TC and oil change where I live so i might give it a try :)



those are endless money pits and odds are trannny is just going out from my experience. Get rid of it soon or spend a fortune