bmw e39 520i with an e36 328i singel vanos engine swap


the car is fully put together atm
a few months ago i did an engine swap on my e39 to a e36 328i single vanos and it wont

my e39 520i with 328i engine will not start but fires

compression = 10-12 bar

fuel = 44 psi

injectors = fine and clear spray

spark = it firers but i cant get it to idle at all

timing = just got it done 2 months ago

air = no clogs

battery = fully charged

will not start on starting fluid

the wirers are wired up to the correct place

crank and cam position sensors is replaced

il take any tips at this point been trying to fix this for 5 months
thank you for your time

realize BMWs anti theft systems and running system for engines and computers require a dealer level BMW system to reprogram the computer to make it run when such gigantic swaps are made. And it may not even accept that other engine even then. SO, find a BMW expert with the machine and see if they can help. You really can't mod a BMW without years of experience and such a machine.