My Blower motor actually got frozen so it wouldnt work anymore.

Hi so just wanted to share this story with you.

I live in Norway, and last couple of days it has been freezing cold here (-13 to -50 Fahrenheit).
So one morning i started the car and found out the blower motor didnt blow any air to the vents.
So i watched your video scotty and started looking for the problem.
Before i took out the blower motor to test it directly to the battery (motor had good voltage) i had to go to the store to buy some wiring.
When i then started the car i heard a big bang and then suddenly the blower motor worked again.
So my blower motor had actually frozen up (there was actually ice under the lid in the glove compartment!).
The DC motor did survive even though it was jammed up.
So if your blower motor isnt working and its freezing cold, it might just be frozen up.
Never thought this could happen, but it sure can in a BMW E87 2004 model.

Now i am concerned that it actually got frozen up, so water must have come in some place.
Any suggestions?

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Aiden Coldham
Aiden Coldham

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yes, seals leak on those letting water get inside and freeze. Fix the rubber seals for the blower vent system