Beater Cars: One of Scotty's videos is the recommendation that you own a beater car as a second car…


Beater Cars: One of Scotty's videos is the recommendation that you own a beater car as a second car for everyday mundane driving, keeping the "nice" car nicer for longer.

I'd like to start a thread here to survey what cars people have (or had) as "beater" cars--respond as a comment, "Own up" to your beater.

(In the UK beater cars are sometimes called station cars, as in the car you drive to the train station to leave there all day while you take the train to work.)

I'll go first: for the last few years my beater car also fit into that odd category of cars that are rare, but not valuable:

1993 Nissan Praire Pro (model M11/HM11), small MPV, 2.4i 12V KA24E petrol manual (sold in Canada as Nissan Axxess).

Mine was a grey import into the UK from Cyprus (official UK model years 1989-1991, imported by a company that did wheelchair conversions (wheelchair passenger access to rear, drop down ramp at the back, modified rear hatch, replacement 1/2 size petrol tank).

Bought 3rd owner with 36k miles, scrapped due to strict UK safety test failure at 115k miles (corrosion not worth getting welded, also the whole test is now significantly stricter and I suspect that there would have been other failure items).

Fuel consumption records publicly shared on fuelly (it's the only Prairie listed).

At the time of scrapping is was one of the very few running M11 Prairies in the UK, according to the publicly visible registration stats by model. The M11 (and preceding very boxy and ugly M10 Prairie/Stanza Wagon) weren't very popular cars in the UK to start with.

This was the second Prairie Pro M11 I had, first was a hand me down from my parents, sadly while I had the car it was involved in an accident and written off (also at over 100k miles), found the second while searching used car websites to get my own insurance valuation for the first.

What I liked about the car was the amount of interior space in a fairly small vehicle overall, with big rear sliding doors and big rear hatch giving great access for people or "stuff". Worst areas: not great fuel economy, and poor turning circle (front overhangs the front wheels by quite a way).

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I have 1997 Kia Sportage 4x4 with a 5 speed. Got it for $500 bucks with 105,000. Looks like hell but runs. The syncrhos in the trans are worn so i have to float the gears to keep from grinding between shifts.