Couple questions. I have a 2012 Outback, 4cyl, 115,000 miles.

The battery died after leaving an interior light on over night. I jumped it and let it run for about 20 minutes. Decided to change out some old headlights while I was there. Left the interior light on again(idiot) and it killed the battery after 5 minutes. Jumped it again and figured it was time for a new battery. It was pretty old and had been giving me a labored start. Drove to pick up a new one and changed it. Starts up just fine now. The problem is, now some electrical functions aren't working. My driver side power window still works, but the auto down feature doesn't work anymore. Also, the power mirror still goes side to side but not up and down. It got slapped around pretty good in a car wash a couple days ago so that could be it.

Also, I had a check engine light for a misfire. Most common cause is a faulty downstream 02 sensor. The light shuts off sometimes but comes right back on. After changing the battery, the light has shut off and has not come back on. Been 2 days and drove it about 60 miles. I figured the code reset but it hasn't come back on. Could a weak battery mistakenly trip a sensor? Thanks!