Rear wheel bearing is loose, parts are coming anytime soon. how long can I stretch it?

I recently replaced my rear chock assemblies on both sides and I think I might've hit a pothole or two a little too hard while my old busted chocks were still in place.
cause that rear bearing shows play. like scary play.

When I opened it to check it out there didn't seem to be metal grit in the grease, but the bearing is definitively worn loose. and I was able to wobble it effortlessly when the wheel was off the car.

Since I didn't have the bearing with me at the time, I took off and went home (approx. 60km from where I repaired it)

My parts are on the way, however I still need to use the car for all the reasons a man needs to.

obviously if the wheel can take off it isn't real safe to do so.
and I often read you can drive it to the scene of the accident.
Since I'm a little reckless at times, I was wondering if I can still drive it until my new bearings arrive, and if so,
how long / far approximatively ?
the way i see it that didn't happen yesterday. and the car didn't feel unsafe when I drove it back after the chock repairs.

from what i've learned while searching the bearing is bound to give out due to friction heating... So if I got this right I can make it if I don't drive like a madman, right ?

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in the end, i didn't have to use it much the bearings arrived this morning and even though everything's rusted shut it was a breeze to replace.


glad to see my idea wasn't too far from reality :P
Having an expert validate it makes it a little less scary.
thanks a bunch.



If you drive reckless, wait to fix it OR drive much slower short distances