Audi Q5 Starting noise and Brake on speed bump noise

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loose metal noise on startup but its 100% gone once engine start.
Breaking and going over speed bum make a gruch noise

Hi Scotty ia m a long time follower of your YouTube channel I need some advise please if you can spare few minutes and help me with them would be great.

I have an AUDI Q5 2009

1- The car make like a loose metal like cranking sound when starting. No noise after its started. Someone told me it can be manifold or flywheel but my common sense can't digest it why there is no noise what so ever once its started. Why only when starter pinion collide with flywheel. My logic says its starter motor. Car does take long to start sometime i mistakenly even changed the battery thinking its battery worn out but its not.

2- Just yesterday the car made strange grushing noise when i braked and crossed a speed bump but its 100% smooth when crossing speed bumps without breaking. Brake disk and pads look all right. Yes it does make very tiny slight noise on driver side front suspension when on and off bricks or pavement. What can that be? i shake the car to see if the dumpers are gone but they seems alright as its also smooth on drive.

Please assist.

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Hi ScottyKilmer, Thanks a lot for reply, I took it to MOT center / car repair Garage yesterday and they put it on ramp and used a machine to move tires up/down tilt swing and checked thoroughly and amazingly they can't find any part loose, rusted, or faulty he said drive it and when it get worse come back as its to early to point out any specific part.



I would change the starter and PRAY flywheel is not damaged. Many things on the front suspension can make noise, from ball joints to A frame bushings to worn strut mounts. Have a pro like me check it in person