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Hey Scoty. My english is not to great. I have a nissan terrano 2 2.7 2005. and on my error code test i got 13,87,97 and sometimes when i push the foot to the flor after half of throthle there is some kind of a stop. if yoh can help me here i my mail eldarbunar@gmail.com

is grand marqiz 2010 headlamp is 9007 ? i found it ia amazone g=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B079KYVY38&pd_rd_r=XRG8VRC3QQ60PC0ZTDE5&pd_rd_w=yDHn9&pd_rd_wg=18Iln&psc=1&refRID=XRG8VRC3QQ60PC0ZTDE5

I have a Chevy aveo and on the way to work at 630 am while driving the check engine light came on and was flashing. When it ss. tarted flashing the motor sounded instantly week it sounded like it was struggling. But the funny thing is that it wasn't week. The RPMS were more than normal while driving and it was shifting and sounding really rough. Right now I am waiting to finish work to go orileys to get scan on what the code is. Until then I was wondering do you have any idea of what it can be so i can have an idea? That is a major question i need answered ASAP please thanks

Scotty what are your thoughts about a 1990's Jaguar XJ12 as a first car?

your u tube videos are awesome thank you. you deserve every good thing that comes your way. i have a 1981 f 150 4.9 l inline 6 manual 4th gear is overdrive. runs great. oil is in air filter ? what is wrong what should i do. you videos are awesome..thanks