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Hi I wanted to ask some car ppl if this sounds like a timing belt issue or not, I have a 2012 chevy cavalier that accelerates incredibly slow, and when left in idle will eventually stall and cut out. No engine light comes on and at first look I see nothing wrong under the hood with any fluids and no smoke is coming out of it. I think I've narrowed it down to the timing belt but I leave it up to you folks to help me out a bit!

First thing I would check is the fuel pressure to me it sounds like low pressure due to pump or regulator
I believe if timing belt skipped that it wouldn’t start properly
I could be wrong so someone correct me if I am wrong

I would also change the in line fuel filter also just Incase it’s dirty and restricting the flow of fuel

Hi scotty,

How are ya?
Love your work! Keep up the great work!
I have 2002 toyota duet M100- daihatsu storia-sirion-boon. All the same cars, which is the proper recommend oil to be used in the cars engine and what is the right coolant to be used. Also if you have a users manual on you and if you could share it, that would be out of this work.

Thank you in advance

Hi Scotty I have a big problem I was driving my 2000 nissan x terra and I suddenly heard a rattling , I tried to get off the next exit i heard a bang the engine was losing power fast then it died so i got a tow to my house and now the engine shakes something fierce but it has no check engine light I was wondering if it could be the catalytic converter thanks for all you do I have fixed a few problems with your video help.