Also one last thing Scotty. My dad and I are on a debate about what the smog pump on the car does! You see Im 20 and I have been studying cars since I was 6! I was reading service manuals and comprehending them by 8 and I was diagnosing cars by 10 and I was always right especially on my neighbors car and I was in a full conversation with a family friend at 15 who was a gm mechanic and engineer and he said I was pretty damn good! I started fixing cars my self at about 17 doing oil changes and transmission fluid changes and more at that time. Here's the argument! The electronic smog pump is out on my moms car and I was telling dad not to worry about it. The car runs fine even with the mentioned problems and so here's what I said the function is.

My explanation

The smog pump is an emissions system that injects air into the exhAust stream both upstream and downstream to ensure that fuel is burned completely for proper emissions and catalyct converter operation.

Dad's argument

The smog pump is What I said above but also combusts fuel inside the chamber and helps improve mileage.

So what's you take on us and what's your explanation on how the smog pump works?

No. 1-2

So I was right? Because the car gets okay gas mileage and I have driven all version of the Buick 3800 the series 1,2 and 3 in this car and it seemed that the mileage was less and he was saying that the smog pump is causing it to get worse mileage. My argument was that if anything the car would run slightly leaner in an attempt to not exceed emissions especially hydrocarbons hence the downstream oxygen sensors would detect the fuel not being burned completely and pull back tha air fuel ratio. If anything I told him the car should get the same if not slightly better Mileage. Am I on track and am I right on not being concerned with it. We live in Vegas but the car was a California version and from what I was told the non California version has no such pump.



smog pumps merely help pump air into the cat so hydrocarbons are burned up more easily. They pump air AFTER the combusion on most vehicles, but if they pump before combustion they would add to fuel efficiency