So about a month ago I noticed that my oil was low. So I did an oil change, but then I notice that the oil level kept getting lower and lower. So I started to change my oil once a month. So I took it in the shop to find out what was causing this leak. It turned out it was my gasket that need to be changed out. So I had them changed out and thought that was the end of it. A couple of days went by and I noticed that my oil level drop again, but this time it was more significant than before. Then all of a sudden my car was struggling to accelerate, then the engine light started to flicker but wouldn't stay on in order to scan and see what the problem was. I then notice that there was white smoke coming from the tailpipe. I quickly changed the oil, spark plugs, ignition coils and pcv valve to see if maybe it was something I can quick fix. But when I was changing the spark plugs I noticed that one of them was covered in oil. When I saw that I quickly made an appointment to get my engine inspected. I got the results back and told me that it was not good news. Cylinder 5 has a lower compression (210 psi) versus 240 on the rest. They came to the conclusion that cylinder 5's ring is either worn or stuck, and that explains why there is oil in the spark park from inside the motor. The shop told me that I either have to get the motor rebuilt or have another motor installed, but that they couldn't do that in their shop.

2008 Acura TL type s automatic 6 Cyl 3.5L 145,000 Miles