Hi Scotty
I have 2008 Honda Civic type R
Me and my dad argue abut does it matter what coolant colour I put in the radiator because my Honda suppose to take blue coolant and My dad said I must use green coolant when I do a full radiator Coolant flush Because dad said green is the standard Coolant for all cars Is green all other colours are baloney Just a marketing Scam. my mechanic put green coolant in my radiator When it had blue coolant the mechanic just flush the radiator with water When he did A full radiator Coolant change When he change blue to green Without Putting coolant flush In Do you really need to put coolant flush in if you change the coolant colour because that what lot of people clam on YouTube video You must not mixed coolant colour When doing full radiator coolant change or do you need to put Coolant flush in if you change the colour is it just marketing scheme to make you pay more for different colour so the company can Just make more profits And what this The new coolant you have talked abut synthetic coolant what make it Heaps better then the regular coolant can I use Synthetic Coolant In my 2008 Honda Civic type R and over time do I need to put coolant additive In because the coolant brake down or do I just Change the coolant when it Due for a change And not to have to waste money on coolant additives. Somewhere in your video when you talk about coolant can you talk about if different Coolant colours are just a marketing scam to make more profit for the coolant companies could you do video on YouTube it would teach a lot of your YouTube scribers about the different colours when you do a full radiator coolant change And do you recommend coolant flush as well
Thank you abut your advice You give me before on waterless coolant
Thank you have a wonderful day
From: Christopher