ABS light question

Will just removing the ABS system completely turn off the ABS light?

Hey Scotty, I am buying my first car I will be customizing/tuning soon and I have a question about the ABS light that is on. It is a 2003 MR2 Spyder that I am buying from out of state, so I have to get a new inspection done on it. I have enough skills to not have to use ABS (never driven a car with it in my life) so I was thinking about just completely removing the ABS system. If I remove the ABS system, will the ABS light stay on since there isn't even ABS in the car anymore? Or would I have to do something else like to the ECU or something in the fuse box to make the light turn off? In my state your car fails inspection if any lights are on so I don't want to risk buying it and then not having a car to drive. I will be putting all of my money into it except an extra $1,000 in case there is an emergency repair I need to do. And also, is it easy to remove an ABS system like just unscrewing a few things, or would it require modifications to the car?

Thanks in advance, I love your channel.

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if you remove the ABS fuse and unplug the ABS module wiring from the unit, it will turn all the ABS off. Light will stay on but you could remove dash and break the LED that lights up for the warning if you want. But why not have a guy like me scan it first, could just be a bad wheel sensor