a decision between either 2015/2016 Lexus RC 350 or a 2019 Mazda mx5. I can't decide what to get. A little about me. I'm 19 with a good part-time job. I have enough money saved up and a good steady paycheck. I've enjoyed the small cars. I grew up driving small cars like the 2 series. But BMW cars from my personal experience and others have too many problems. I really don't need a 4 seat car, the only reason the Lexus is one of my choices is that it's reliable, somewhat small, and my mother has had Lexus for so many years so we can use the loyalty program. My parents are obviously leaning towards the Lexus because they don't know anything about the Mazda and don't like me driving a tiny car lol. the Mazda is cheaper for me, but if I buy the Mazda, my parents won't co-sign and I don't have a credit score. I also enjoyed cars like the Suzuki Jimny and jeep when I was really young till I realized how expensive and inefficient the jeeps are and how good Suzuki is (sadly they don't sell them in the US anymore). I'm open to other car options you guys have but my taste are small convertible/coupe cars that can be sporty (i'm not really gonna be racing, i just like how sporty cars look lol). Thanks

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


lexus by far