2013 Toyota Sienna XLE with 155,000 miles, and an automatic transmission. No codes that I've been informed of.
I’m in the humid state of Arkansas. The a/c will only get down to about 60 degrees when idling or driving in stop and go traffic around town. That’s even if I leave it running for an hour or more while out running errands. At highway speeds it will eventually get down to around 40 degrees after 20 to 40 miles on the interstate. Freon was low and was recharged in March 2020. Temps were much cooler then, and it felt 100% better when I left the shop. As temperatures went up, it was obvious it wasn’t cooling correctly. It was again low of freon when I took it in around the beginning of June 2020. They recharged it and they added dye. 2 weeks later they found the high-pressure line was leaking and replaced it. BUT, as soon as I picked it up, I could tell it wasn't getting cold
enough. They said the compressor is “probably” getting weak, but just with a google/youtube search, I’ve learned it could be several things. I had them evacuate it again yesterday to make sure all the air is out and it’s not low again. It’s not. Everything appears to be fine, but something is causing it not to get cool unless I’m on a road trip. BEFORE I spend a million dollars (ok, not quite) having the compressor replaced, is there some way to test the compressor, or condenser fan motor, or anything that could also be the issue?