Scotty, I can buy this 2006 Dodge grand caravan that i've driven, It rides great, no noises, no leaks underneath and the engine looks like it has been taken care off and maintained. It has 250,000 miles on it and I can get it for $1,000. Am i wasting my money on this van with so many miles on it? How many miles can you expect to get from this Dodge Van?

If the fluids are full, no leaks, doesn't overheat, transmission shifts properly and the engine has no strange noises - go for it - what are you going to get for a $1000 these days? sure take a chance - I've seen them go longer

Don't get ANY pre-bankrupcy Chrysler product. If you want a minivan for not a lot of money, don't get the Dodge. Instead, get a used Toyota Sienna.