Hi Scotty. Love your YouTube channel. I've got a '98 Porsche Boxter I bought used so I don't know much about its history other than it had a clean carfax. Mechanically it's a dream. Electronically it's becoming a nightmare. The passenger side door lock only unlocks about 20% of the time. When it does it's flawless in operation. The top sometimes refuses to close. Push the button and it won't even try. This just started happening. Wait an hour or more and it then works. The sensor for the top not being all they way down is always on. An airbag light is always on. We've replaced the entire passenger side latch and sensor which is what the code originally was. Are these all likely related? Related or not do you have any suggestions on where to start looking?

I hope you didn't pay much, cause a 20 year old boxter is worth basically nothing. the repairs are so insane at that age, no sane person would ever buy one used. Airbags need a dealer level scan tool to analyze, as in this video. So start there, but really, don't spend too much on a car that's basically worth nothing.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T21th6nJe6Y