Hi Scotty,
Suzuki Grand Vitara 1.6i G16B 2001 Year.
i have hard shift(not every time, sometime shift easy, sometime is hard) 1-2+rear gears, when engine is running. But if engine is not started, all gears shift super easy.
This is some video, that show my problem(it's not my car in this video):

Gear oil is not changed. Maybe change with some good oil will fix it?
Also i notice, when weather is like 15-20 celsius, gears shift more easy. When weather are hot(35-40 celsius), then shift are more harder.

Also, this thing is changed with a new one, but problem is still there:

well, either your clutch is worn out or you have internal transmission failure. Normally the clutch, but either way you have to pull the tranny off to check it.

Thank you!