Scotty, I tried to drive from OH to KY yesterday and 200 miles down the road I took an exit to fill up on gas. I was at front of line at light when given the green arrow to turn right. However, it took me 4-5 minutes before I could get the clutch into first gear. I couldn't get it into any gear for that time. I noticed at the rest stop prior to this exit, that my clutch petal became extremely stiff and it was difficult getting into 1st and 2nd then. Is this a problem with clutch release and transmission syncro's? 2003 MAZDA B3000 148K miles.

pray it's a bad clutch master cylinder or slave cylinder. Cause if not, you'd have to pull the tranny to find if it was a clutch or internal tranny problem. Good luck

ah ok. I found out my clutch slave cylinder is within my tranny too. eek! I've also noticed fluid leakage from both sides of the tranny. I've taken this truck to a Transmission Specialist Shop. They're going to drop the transmission and replace clutch and slave cylinder.