97 corolla 175k Auto 4A-FE 1.6L no spark replaced distributor no start


Car died on freeway. $10 OBD codes show nothing. I replaced the distributor (coil pack, rotor, cap etc) all new (aftermarket) not refurb/remanufactured like you said. I see spark at the ignition coil pack, before going into the distributor (like before) nothing new. I didn't see spark at the center with a plug and wire where the rotor goes but I sure felt (it wasn't before) seems distributor is losing power possibly? Cap and rotor looked charrd and shot anyways.

When putting the new cap back on and testing the wires from distributor to plug, I get no spark.

I felt it kinda on spark plug 2 but it just arc and I felt it but didn't see it where I was holding it with the plug. What is up? I don't see spark on 1 at all, 2 is weak unsure on 3 and 4.

We already replaced the main DENSO relay

Thoughts? (crankshaft position sensor) Do I even have one?

What can cause a distributor to get power at the ignition, then lose it at the wire after replacing the part? Should I test the new part with a multimeter or

The check engine light is on with the key on

Rotor is spinning and fuel is going so it's a weak spark even after new parts.

Battery was recharged and tested good.

replaced part