96 Chevy suburban ls

Check engine on hesitation start and rough idle bank 1 bank 2 running lean can't fix on my own.

Mr Scotty bug fan if the channel and I'm about to give up. I started with what I believe is bad gas 2 months ago. I drove from Texas to California no problems at all. Filled up half a tank in New Mexico, soon as I crossed I to Texas I lost power and check engine came on it never stalled just no power. I changed the fuel pump and screen as well as the fuel filter. After that I cha he's the pcv valve like in your video after that I changed the air filter because it was bad. I just bought the vehicle it had 104k miles. After the air filter I changed the spark plugs and wires, along with the mass air flow sensor all these things the check engine asked for. After that and the truck would not turn the check engine off. I read the check engine again and it asked for the IAC valve that has now been replaced and I have the same issue. Check engine light hesitant start and no power unless I let it warm up. I'm confused haha please help. I really appreciate it Mr Scotty.

often the intake manifold gaskets do just that, I would start there

Also see if the spider injection system is breaking down.

Thanks guys I'll be ordering parts from rockauto.com best cheap parts I can find even for my 1970 baracuda. Soon as they come in I'll be letting you know if any other problems persist.

yah my intake manifold gaskets just went and replaced them with new ones