94 civic manual stopped starting and will only crank


More details below, but the car is a civic dx d16 engine with 270k miles. Just stopped starting and will only crank

Hey Scotty, my 94 civic dx refuses to start after I stalled it in a parking lot... I’m very confused. Although I’m not sure that has anything to do with it, that’s what I need help with. You see this car didn’t come with a lock cylinder at all and I have to start it with a screwdriver( I was planning on getting a lock cylinder in a few weeks anyways but I don’t have the money right now especially after having to get my car towed) and now it takes a while for it to grab on the inside and turn the ignition on. However it still powers on the car and will crank but not start. Could I have damaged a component inside the switch and could I test it somehow? My friend has a setup where he has a killswitch on his ignition so when the switch is off it will crank and not start like my car which is why it led me to believe that this problem is with the ignition and not anything else. All the fuses are fine and while I didn’t get the opportunity to check the spark or fuel pressure, it was working fine with no signs of breaking until these two things happened simultaneously. And I hear the clicking and sounds from the relay and what I think is the fuel pump. Any help would be appreciated as I need this car for work and I’m in a really tough situation thanks so much.