'92 Jeep YJ, Manual, 92K miles, 4 cly - drives fine then dies


Jeep was acting like it was low on fuel, driving fine then died. We replaced the fuel filter just because I've had the Jeep for 3 years and have never changed it. However, when we went to start it - it still didn't start. Then I remembered I had issues previously with the box that all the fuses and relays are in with similar symptoms. Back then it ended up being the wire that connected that box to the battery which I then replaced. So, we pulled out the fuel pump relay and ASD relay, swapped them and put them back and then it started. Since then I have had to do this 2 or 3 times. Somewhere in the mix we installed a new relay because after the previous issue I wanted to keep some on hand. But with having to do this relay re-insert a few times I am not certain which slot the new relay is in. The one we took out didn't look bad to me.

Sooooo, any ideas? I don't know anything about electronics or relays. I hate the feeling of dying on the road with cars piling up behind me.

Also - this may be a stupid question but I see that the AC relay is missing and my AC is not working. However, my AC had been working and I never removed this relay but thought I would ask if there is supposed to be a relay there.