7 gen Celica Catalytic Convertor problem

How to hack the system and cut the convertor ?

Hi Scotty . I really like my Toyota Celica .I ve never had problems with it but sometimes check engine light goes on because of catalytic converter low efficiency or something like that if I drive the car on a highway for a long time check engine go off by itself.I live in Bulgaria and I want to cut the damned thing coz its not problem here to drive without it.But if I remove the catalytic converter check engine light will be constant ON because it has a sensor or something before and after the convertor .I am sure you know what I mean.How to lie the system?

Thank you for your help! I really like your videos.

Ivan Zehirov

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James Delaney
James Delaney

Thank you Scotty .



a computer nerd could reprogram the computer or put a sensor on that would fool it. IF you can find a guy in bulgaria that smart