Hi Scotty
I live in British Virgin Island and I owe 2011 Range Rover Sport Supercharged. It has 60k and its in great condition. But.....
Few month ago I have notice the car shut down while it was on the car barge. I tried to start it crank but not start. Had to wait a while before it started again. My mechanic said its the fuel pump to i went and buy a new one. Bummer that was not it, so he told me fuel module...again not it. As the island I live on DOES not have any professional shops i kept buying part that people in shops told me. FYI we have scanned the car for code using LAND Rover software but no codes. To sum it up i have already replaced:

  1. Fuel pump assembly
  2. Fuel pump cover and harness
  3. Fuel module
  4. Fuel relay
  5. Crankshaft position sensor
    Not sure if this is important but i have notice this issue appeared when they changes all of my spark plugs.
    I am desperate for professional help Scotty.

I've been there, Beautiful place. Now realize range rovers are endless money pits, even here in Texas where there are many good mechanics. But since it happenned after they changed the spark plugs, have all their working area checked closely for broken sensors, cracked wires, or loose or dirty electrical connectors. Good luck