Looking to buy a 4Runner 2003-2009

Hey Scotty, I am wanting to buy a 4th gen 4Runner (03-09). They offer a 4.0L V6 and a 4.7L V8, is one better than the other? I know the 4.7L has a ting belt but I've read that those motors are solid. Looking for an automatic for my wife, is there a mileage limit I should look out for? Thanks!

get the V6 if you want better gas mileage. Mileage limit just depends on what you pay. Don't pay much for one with 240 thousand miles on it, but they can still last

One I was looking at is a 2004 with the 4.7L V8, 174k miles, timing belts and maintenance all done on time. Should I be concerned at all with the mileage?

@Corollaguy04 Im looking for the same thing. I see 06-08s with 130-180k miles still going for 8-12k.. hard for me to know if thats still worth it for that price for 10+year vehicle

Depend on what state you live it.. Say if you live in NY the vehicle cost more on avg then in TX. 2005 Toyota 4runner been brought for $6500 at 96k two years ago. It's V6 with auto. 4.7 is bit more maintenance. Avoid 4x4 as they require more expense labor even on brake job. All struts/shock will need to be replaced. Check for oil leak around the engine. I end up doing gasket job on valve cover and it wasn't too bad. Belt and spark plugs will need to be replaced.

I ended up buying the 2004, its very clean and the owner had all the records of the work done. I will look it over myself as well, but I feel good about buying a 4Runner with that mileage with the all the service records. And I think Scotty would approve too!