2005 subaru forester non turbo
After a bit of work, I ruled out ignition and after wet/dry compression test believe i have a faulty piston ring in cylinder 3. I put some 'engine restore' in my engine to see if i could temporarily boost compression until I can get it fixed. No dice.

Is there any way for me to fix a piston ring myself without pulling engine? I live in apt complex and they don't allow us to work on cars (even though I push the limit)

Should I swap out engine?

If I can do it while leaving engine on vehicle, I will probably need the piston hole honed, where would I look for a machine shop or can I use the tool harbor freight sells?

Thanks Scotty!
Your videos rock!

not really, I did that once on a car, dropping the oil pan, removing the crank, and pulling the piston out the bottom BUT it was one cow of a job