Scotty, Going to be getting a new car. after watching several of your videos and doing some research, i've settled on a Corolla. What I'm wondering is the reliability of the newer ones (2018+), and more specifically the CVTs, and how well they hold up. I know you said that Toyota has been doing CVTs for a while now but just wanted to make sure on the reliability before I get one. I know historically Corollas have been very reliable but since everyone is going to CVT, just wanted some input on whether you thought the 2020-2021 Corolla's with the CVT are reliable. This will be a car I plan to keep for quite a while (hopefully at least 12-15 years if I can if not longer).

This will obviously be purchased from a dealer and I've gotten pricing so that's not really an issue and obviously since it will be new, I won't have to worry about things like having a mechanic inspect it, etc... (I should add that I drive about 18-20k miles per year which is why I've decided to get a new one versus a used one.)

Just looking for your thoughts on long-term reliability of the Corollas.