2018 / VW Atlas / Issues two years ownership.


49,500 miles (95% highway) / 3.6 V6 / Automatic.

Scotty since you recently reviewed an Atlas I wanted to share my experiences thus far.

Been a great three row road long range road trip vehicle but in the two years I’ve owned it here are the issues that have cropped up (all under warranty and vehicle still under warranty and all repairs by dealer)

Rattling exhaust:
Resonator replaced - didn’t fix
Catalytic Converter replaced - positive fix

New issue at 49,500 miles:
Steering clunk while parked (turn wheels side to side) and while maneuvering into tight parking spots. Service advisor states he has same vehicle and same problem he said they replaced the rack in his and it still clunks but it’s better (at least he’s honest). Dealer mechanic test drove and said the rack is bad and will replace. As a side note no clunk while driving even when aggressively steering it’s quiet.

Now for a bonus there is a recall on the catalytic converter so they are going to change it again same time they change the steering rack (parts on order).

Dunno red flags are starting to pop up these are costly repairs in the first two years my gut is telling me to get rid of it before the 6/72K bumper to bumper warranty is up.