Hi Scotty –

You’ve been helping me for about 25years now, THANK YOU!

I bought a 2016 Toyota Sequoia in November - 39Kmiles on it now. I took a trip to Round Rock this weekend after having it serviced at the dealership – oil change and power steering flush – they said the fluid was dirty.

A noise that sounds like a single cop car siren will sound off. (as if a cop is trying to get your attention, he’ll hit the siren button 1x.) Others can hear it, inside and out of the car. Yesterday coming back, it happened 10+ x’s. Didn’t matter if I was at a stop or driving. Sometimes it sounds like it’s in the dashboard in front of the driver, another time under the hood center. A passenger thought they heard it from the back. I was waiting at a gas station, idling, and it happened. People from outdoors, looked around for a cop/to see what the noise was. No lights on the dashboard, no indication on the gauges anything happening.

Prior to this service, this noise did not exist.

I’ve googled it, can’t find anything.

Thank you.