Hello, Mr. Kilmer

My Customer want me to doing the following "Tune Up" work on his 2016 Honda BR-V 6MT with 25k miles/40k kilometer:

  1. Manual Transmission Fluid Change
  2. Brake Fluid Flush
  3. Clutch Fluid Flush
  4. Valve re-adjustment job
  5. Brake Pads & Brake Disc Replacement & Upgrade Job from Stock to Brembo Carbon Brake Discs & Pads on both Front & Rear
  6. Spark Plugs replacement & upgrade job from Stock (Copper) to Nippon Denso Iridium Spark Plugs
  7. Factory/Stock Fuel Filter replacement job
  8. Installation of Mercedes-Benz Actros Semi Truck-spec External Fuel Filters
  9. Installation of BRQ Fuel Catalysts (both in-tank & in-line)
  10. Headlamps, Front Fog Lamps, Rear Brake Lights, Blinker Lights (both Front & Rear) and Reverse Light upgrades from Halogen to LED
  11. Clutch replacement & upgrade Job from Stock to Aisin Carbon Clutch Kit for better clutch Response
  12. Both Front & Rear Suspension System Replacement & upgrade Job from Stock to Fully Adjustable Öhlins Racing Suspension System
  13. Sway Bars replacement & upgrades from Stock to Öhlins Racing Sway Bars
  14. Radiator Coolant Super Flush & upgrade Job from Honda OAT to Racing-spec HOAT Coolant
  15. Air Filter replacement from Stock to Racing-spec Air Filter
  16. Throttle Body Cleaning Job
  17. Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaning Job
  18. Intake Valves Cleaning Job
  19. Fuel Injectors Cleaning Job
  20. Cabin Air Filter Replacement & Upgrade Job from Stock to Activated Charcoal Cabin Air Filter
  21. Battery replacement & upgrade Job from Lead acid to Lithium Iron Phosphate
  22. ECU Reset Job

My Customer didn't mind to spend a Small Fortune to allow me to do that heck of the Job 😄😄😄 and from your Point of view, what do you think about that, sir? Did you think it's worth to that on those car with that kind of mileage?

Thank You

PS: He's Part-time GrabCar Driver (Equivalent to Uber Car Driver in U.S.) & Full-time Software Engineer for Google Indonesia
The Car is using Electronic Power Steering & also he planned to changed Engine Oil & Filter every 3k miles/4.8k kilometer by using very High Quality Engine Oil & Filter