Dear scotty. My aunt has a 2015 Nissan Rogue with 105,854 miles. Car wouldn't go more than 60 MPH on the highway. Drives perfectly fine driving on the streets. Now it's working fine after putting new CVT fluid from Nissan but happens intermittently . She took it to nissan and the codes they got were P17F2, and P0101. They said P17F2 is a CVT code and p0101 is a MAF sensor code. She filed a claim with Nissan which they offered to pay half towards labor and parts. Nissan was waiting on the estimate from the dealership or stealership I should say. Then Nissan said that the engineers(who are really stupid) said, "We think its the Intake manifold and that must replaced first to see if that fixes the problem and before we can do anything else. That MAF sensor should be replaced as well". Which the dealership said it would cost 1,070 dollars and the MAF sensor is no longer available new only remanufactured . She is at the point she wants to get ride of it. Should she replace the intake manifold or sell it the way it is or trade it in? My dad said sell it so she can get more money than trading it in. Help. thank you.