2015 Honda Civic Si groaning sound when car is turning


Hey Scotty

I have a 2015 Honda Civic Si sedan. The front end makes noise when turning left or right with the car. The sound is louder when turning left. This happens when when in gear and acceleration while turning. If I push the clutch in the groaning goes away. The car does not make any noise when the car is in neutral and I turn the wheel left or right. Only when the is in gear with any load going to the wheels slow or fast. However I do not go fast while turning I just wanted to note that the speed is usually normal acceleration. No visible leaks coming from under the car or on the ground. The sound tends to get worse after driving and the car is at running temperature or if it’s hot outside. The sound does not appear when I First start driving everyday. The sound appears roughly around 10 mins of driving, Stopping at a light and making my first turn after the car is heated up. The sound will last the rest of the day and will sound uglier as the day goes on. What do you this this could be?

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


If it has hydraulic power steering the pump is probably going bed. But it has electric power steering you would have a worn suspension part like ball joint or strut mount