2014 Toyota Camry LE - Engine: Inline 4 Cylinder - Transmission: U760E


Issues with really slow and firm shifts while cold

Hello Mr Kilmer!

I have always went with Honda cars in the past, but I recently upgraded to a 2014 Toyota Camry after hearing good things about them from a lot of people including yourself.

I had the car checked over, inspected fine with records of state inspections. It only had 5800 miles on it with one previous owner. So it is still under the Toyota Powertrain warranty, but I bought it from a 3rd party.

I noticed the transmission shifts really firm and can take about a half to one second to shift from 2-3. Once the car warms up isn't as harsh..but such as gear 1 to 2, and 2 to 3 are felt...I drive a Subaru for work that is a 2015 and it shifts much more smoothly.

This wasn't happening when I had it for the first week or so, I read about the shift learning so I disconnected the battery overnight and it helped a little..maybe this is just a software issue and not a mechanical problem then? I know there are some TSB's (software updates from Toyota) but not sure if the dealership will update those for free or charge me under the Powertrain warranty.

This car doesn't have a traditional dipstick for the transmission, so you have to have the transmission to a certain temp and take a level from the pan.

What do you suggest I do? Is this normal for this series? Should I just do a transmission fluid change just incase? If it only had 5800 miles, maybe it sat for a while? The engine oil looks good and has stayed a golden color for a while.

Thank you for your time!!