2013Jetta 2.5 auto, 29825 miles got a "clicking" sound from under car

2013, vw jetta 2.5 auto with only 29825 miles, produce 1 or 2 "clicking" sound from under the car pre drive.

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I have 2013 VW jetta 2.5L,6 speed auto, i got all new in 2013, and i'm Toronto, Canada, the car only got 48000km on it (29825 miles), i always taking care of the car, and always do oil change on time. coolant changed at 42000KM,(before i change the coolant, my coolant tank had small metal particles in it, and i have noticed, my coolant temp/engine temp was sometimes higher than normal in summer, my car don't have water temp meter, but i can feel that though the air from AC )

The problem:

But starting from last Oct/2017, the car starting to produce a "clicking" sound when i accelerate at 3000-3500 rpm, speed range from 80-100KM/h (56 Miles per hour) ,at gear 5 or 6, from under the car, the sound sometime is louder when outside temp is cold ( -10 to -8 degree), and the sound is less loud when temp is around 0+ degree.( How loud the sound? when you driving, put down the window, you can hear it) the sound is not continued sound, only happen once or twice pre drive. and its sound like, metal touch the metal sound. When that clicking sound happen, i have No power lost, RPM is stable, fuel consumption is normal, no check engine light, everything looks normal but that sound. I have checked on VW forum, and i didn't find other owner has similar issue as i have it.

Feels like, when i speed up, the engine produce more exhaust gas,and that gas pushed something metal to against a surface.

It's hard to positioning the location of sound, sometimes coming from back of the car, but most of time, feels like coming from the front passenger side of car.

I had bring the car to the local VW dealer, they hear the sound, but, they couldn't find the problem, and ask me to keep watching the problem, if gets bad, then, take the car back to them. they had also checked under the car, find nothing loose.

Do you have anything experience about this? because i'm just worry about, if the problem gets bad and bad and later on, i need to pay a lot to fix the problem. my car still under the transmission Warranty.

I hope you can give some advice on this. thanks in advance!

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norman ran
norman ran

thanks! Scotty! from the treatment i went though with vw dealer, you are right! they are not care my car



First,, NEVER buy a VW, endless money pits as they age these days. Second, find a better dealer who cares. This video shows how to pinpoint sounds correctly, perhaps bring your phone and show it to them so they can find the sound too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqh1oH8mEqY