Hey Scotty,

I hope all is well on your end. I have a 2013 Chevy Camaro with 162k miles on it. It comes with an automatic transmission and the OBDII code that was given is P0300. I purchased this used vehicle from the dealership for $8,000 and it shut off approximately 5 minutes after I drove off the lot. I has had only one owner and the exterior appears to be in good shape.

The dealership has been attempting to fix it for two weeks now. They took it to a chevy dealer and their computer read that it needed an engine replacement, but the the dealership I purchased it from took other avenues to fix it. First they replaced the throttle body. Then they did a carbon cleaning and replaced the fuel injectors. That didn't fix the issue so now they've replaced the coils on the engine, but cylinder 2 is still misfiring. They have taken it back to the chevy dealer to look for answers because their team of technicians have exhausted all known possibilities. Luckily I can unwound the deal and get my refund back. The general manager said I can only unwound the deal after "all avenues" have been taken but I'm still wondering what could be done now and what could be the underlying issue?