2012 vw gti , maybe overheated? But runs now !

2012 vw gti , maybe overheated? But runs now !

So last night I just got off to work, I went to pick up some food. Drove back to my parking lot where i work. left the car on idle while i was eating for about 15 mins. turned it off. But then realized I had to go pick some thing up at a store and the car wont start. When trying to start it would sputter and it wants to start it gets to like 400 rpm then goes back to 0. So i let the car sit over night. and this morning i went to go start it and it started perfectly . drove it around and its fine now.

I was reading on some forums maybe the ignition coils got to hot and wont start 1 of the 4 cylinders. Fuel pump qnd the filter is fine because the car is running for now.

There was no check engine light while i was driving home.

One more thing last night we pop-ed the hood and the engine did feel like it was hotter that other cars ive been around. like so hot it almost burns you. the coil packs were extremely hot also.

Any tips?

tomorrow im replacing all 4 ignition coils and spark plugs

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


either it flooded out from injector or something leaking fuel in or no spark situation, or head gasket is blowing.